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for the Golfer & Golf club

Advantages for the golfer

  • no more long waits during the round
  • more fluid, better play  
  • easy to operate
  • time management for rookies
  • stress-free play
  • If the course backs up, the manager can quickly tell in real-time which flight is causing the delay. That also means it will only be necessary to hurry up the one flight that is actually causing the problem.
  • Make it your appointments relaxed. If you happen to have set up an appointment for right after your round, you’ll be able to get there with time to spare– thanks to emarshal time management.

Advantages for the Golf Club

  • emarshal helps you make golfers more conscious of fluid play.
  • Better time management and quality management results in a positive image.
  • happier, more satisfied golfers  
  • shorter start intervals
  • more players per tournament and/or day   
  • emarshal offers an appealing design reminiscent of a fashionable accessory; it sparks curiosity and creates a positive mood.
  • easy operability for office staff   

The emarshal is a handy piece of equipment that shows a golfer whether his speed of play is within recommended time parameters, in other words whether he is playing too slow or even too fast. And it does so to the minute.

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